The WorkshopPro application is specifically designed together with and for training delivery organisations and individuals to track and measure the impact training has made on a course and individual basis.

The Training Challenge

The more we worked with leading training organisations globally, the more it became clear that they have some fundamental challenges around their faculty content management and training delivery in a predictable and measurable way from the point of view of their customers' outcome and measuring the impact/benefit of learning.

How WorkshopPro addresses the training challenges


In a direct response to the above training challenges, we created specific functionality designed together with leading training organisations that:

  • Delivers process efficiency - by driving a common delivery and measurement methodology across all faculty and subject areas.

  • Demonstrates learning IMPACT - by measuring and visualising the impact of each learning event in the context of each individual and companies requirements.

  • Ongoing implementation & tracking - through a unique Kaizen engine that automates both the implementation of new knowledge/knowhow and progress tracking measured against objectives.

Focus on Learning IMPACT

We have broken learning-impact down into the following core elements:

  • Before-and-after view - clearly see how the learning has changed your perception of your performance capabilities in a gap analysis view.

  • Embed learning - instantly be able to leverage the learning by embedding it into your day-to-day working behaviour.

  • Share learning - quickly share your learning within your organisation to build consensus and understanding.

  • Rolling review - perform periodic learning-impact checks to ensure ongoing benefits are materialising and action any issues surfaced.

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