KnowledgePro enables users to take knowledge and knowhow and build it into plug-and-play project templates that power each of the CapametricPlatform flows.

Plug-and-play Project Templates

Each CapametricPlatform flow is powered by business knowledge templates that are created using our unique KnowledgePro interface.

These templates contain:

  • Best practice framework of capabilities - to achieve specific business outcomes.

  • Self-assessment statements - to power an interview wizard.

  • Recommended actions - for each capability to power the transformation engine. 


Project Template Building Options

There are three basic ways to create or acquire the project template:

  1. Select Existing Template - from the Templates section of this website or by contacting us using

  2. CVT Build - our experts have a proven process to work with you to manage the Template build for you in the fastest time without disruption to your daily focus.

  3. Self-build Template - use the Modulator application and follow our Template self-build guide to create your own template/s.

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