Here you can find the Modules to help you with your IT security requirements.

data centre CYber security

This module will address the main issues surrounding Cyber Security and raise awareness of any issues.  Our Module can help you gain the insight you need to be up to date with your Cyber Security requirements.


Anti Malware is a standard yet crucial layer of protection for any IT network. Use this AssessMy to test how well protected your network is from the malicious software trying to infect your systems and disrupt your operations.

application security

Application security is actually split into two groups the first is when you deploy application level aware security at your perimeter, the second is how your organisation secures any applications running within its confines. This module is focused on the second of these areas enabling you gain the insight needed into how to secure applications, reduce the risks of using applications and how to control applications.

board level it governance

Executives need to be aware of their IT governance related responsibilities and quickly surface any possible areas that could represent a weakness or threat to performance and security. This AssessMy theme has been designed to achieve exactly that objective rapidly and effectively.

mobile security

With increasing numbers of employees using mobile devices to complete their work and more and more of the devices used belonging to the employee rather than the organisation, the need to implement strong and effective mobile security policies and procedures is greater than ever. This Module has been designed to help you assess your mobile security requirements.