These are the most popular platform modules relating to sales and marketing.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software-based solution for marketers looking to easily but effectively automate the targeting and selling of their products via multiple channels including email, SMS and direct mail. Are you responsible for marketing automation in your company?

Social media marketing

There is more to Social media marketing (SMM) than the phenomena. It presents unique marketing opportunities which force marketers to revisit the core guiding principles of marketing, while providing new ways to reach social influencers and allow for people to influence each other and do the marketing for the brand.

enterprise selling

This module set covers all of the key capability areas needed to build, empower and deploy the most effective direct selling sales force.

crm best practice

At some point in all organisations, having a clear and optimised CRM process becomes vital to the overall sales process. This Module covers areas from defining your CRM to delivery to ensure your CRM is working in the best way for your organisation. Are you responsible for customer relationship management in your organisation?