Here you can find the Modules to best suit your sales channel ecosystem requirements.  These Modules can be used help you to automate the creation and ongoing management of the complex ecosystem.  The same modules can also be used to run quarterly business reviews and create trainnig programs to endure continuous improvement occurances. 

Vendor Profile Self for Distributor

Vendors engagement’s with many resellers and integrators will often work via a distributor. The relationship that a vendor and distributor have is normally dictated by how channel focused the vendor is.  This module will give any vendor a good view of how effective the relationship they have with distribution.

Vendor Profile Self for Reseller

Vendors will often sell through a distributor but will also work directly with resellers. It is a fine line to walk when you want to support but you don’t want to undermine your partner channel.  This Module enables you to gain a beneficial insight into how effective you are when engaging with your resellers.

Vendor Profile Distributor

 Many vendors have one or more distributors in a region and they will normall have asked “is this the right distribution partner for our business?”  This module will allow you to measure and review the different distribution profiles that each distributor provides to you in each region they are active. 

Vendor Profile Reseller

This module is used by vendors to profile their resellers on the required key capabilities needed by them.