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MDF Utilisation Issue Countdown #5

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Coming in at number 5 in our TOP 5 capabilities for maximising your MDF utilisation is Performance Measurement.

After reviewing the feedback from our ongoing MDF utilisation issue assessment from around almost 100 of the worlds brightest and best vendors, distributors and VAR’s, the fifth most reported issue is being able to measure and evidence MDF budget utilisation.

We have identified a number of key challenges in measuring MDF performance including:

  • Collating accurate data.

  • Knowing what data can and cannot be shared from a compliance perspective.

  • What constitutes a lead, qualified lead and an opportunity as many organisations will calculate these differently.

  • How is data captured and at what stage.

  • Lastly, reticence on the side of the activity owner to be honest about the results (we have all probably had an event which had 60 people confirmed to take part and only 3 people turn up or conducting an email outreach to 1000 contacts and not getting a single open.

At CVT we have found that automation of a digital consultative approach can simplify and ease all of the above issues in a number of different ways. Data is captured at source and qualified before activities are complete in real time. Data is then shared via a previously agreed GDPR compliant framework with a privacy policy available for the prospect to review at the time of engagement.

Tomorrow we will be announcing number 4 MDF Utilisation issue on our list and how to reduce its likelihood and impact.

Please use the link below to quickly and anonymously assess your MDF utilization and see an instant dashboard confirming your strength and surfacing any weaknesses you might have.

We will also send you a detailed exec report with an action plan included all free of charge.

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