New digital technologies are creating unprecedented opportunities to remove or streamline redundant and inefficient processes and roles. It used to be that the disruption was limited to replacing blue-collar roles and activities but now it has expanded to cover an increasing number of white-collar roles too.

But it is key not to get lost in the technology and loose sight of the practicalities.

A good example are the Blockchain platforms, so many people approach them from a purely technology angle rather than what can they do to bring efficiencies around disintermediation such as using a smart ledger application to process payments rather than having to have a third party organisation in place just to handle that.

As covered in my recent Blog Competitive Advantage through Capability Profiling & Benchmarking, the best approach to assessing what new technologies can possibly do for your organisation is to first of all identify what capabilities are needed to achieve your business objectives. From there you can assess each one to see if it can be improved or removed through application of technology, people, processes or outsourcing.

Over the past 8 years at C View Technologies we have been busy developing and marketing digital technologies to disintermediate and drive efficiencies in the following industries:

  • Management Consulting - by removing all the redundant knowledge management, client assessment and remedial action recommendation activities to drive a faster time-to-benefit and lower risk of engagement.

  • Sales & Marketing - by automating consultative selling through capturing of both internal and external subject matter expertise and knowledge around specific products and services into sales and marketing campaign templates.

  • Training & Coaching - by course content management and delivery in a fully scalable and measurable way to show the impact of learning and coaching and being able to immediately deploy new any learning into your day-to-day activities.


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