Competitive advantage through capability profiling & benchmarking.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Too many companies start their strategic planning with statements such as 'we need to recruit X people' or 'we need to buy Y technology' or 'we need Z training' without having first identified and assessed the fundamental capabilities needed within their business to leverage known and quantified market opportunity.

This might sound difficult and abstract but it is actually very simple and tangible once it is framed by the simple 2 x 2 matrix outlined below.

Strategic Planning Matrix

At CVT we created a very effective 2 x 2 Strategic Planning Matrix that correlates market opportunity and its timing on the vertical axis with Capabilities needed to realise the opportunity on the horizontal axis.

It is that simple but for it to work effectively to cover the following:

  • Know the various functional capabilities needed to realise the opportunity such as sales, marketing, product management etc.

  • Are able to easily assess the required capabilities and generate a clear action plan to fix any gaps and weaknesses surfaced.

Too many companies just crowd around known opportunity likes kids learning to play football that all pile in on top of the ball.

In fact, being able to correlate opportunity with capability formation is the original design principle behind our ConsultancyPro application.

Actual dashboard view within the platform.

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