OpportunityPro (MDF) Solution Partner Program

Why partner with CVT?

We have ensured that each of our applications is unique and the OpportunityPro (MDF) Solution is no exception. It addresses the well recognised issues that many sales and marketing organisations have leveraging Market Development Funds (MDF).

Get in at the start and share the benefits - we are just starting to build our channel partner ecosystem starting with the OpportunityPro (MDF) Solution after focusing so many years on developing and validating our solution set.


100% Channel Sales driven - we want to keep our focus on innovating the best cloud applications and let the channel partners take care of selling for us, we all need to stick at what we know and are the best at.

Ongoing revenue opportunities - our licensing model is a renewal model with extremely high customer retention rates as we have many customers that have been renewing their license every quarter for many years. In fact, our first ever customer who is one of the largest resellers in Japan has been renewing for over 4 years.


The performance of our solutions bears testament to this as we have had 100% service delivery success even during the early years of sometimes daily updates to the live servers and live customer databases.

Program Structure

The C View Technologies Partner Program recognizes each partner’s unique capabilities and includes benefits and requirements consistent with their commitment to selling and supporting our solutions.

Custom program and benefits for our top-performing partners.

Gold Partners are our top tier and receive a 15% margin on our published end-user pricing. They get an assigned CVT account manager to work closely with and realise the greatest technical, sales, and marketing benefits of all partner levels.

More revenue commitments, discounts, and benefits.

Silver Partners receive a 10% margin on our published end-user pricing. They get access to the CVT Partner sales and marketing tools and support on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits & Requirements Summary


Below is a simple description of the solution specific terms needed to ensure that the pricing components are clear and logical.


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