The Business Challenge

Many organisations both large and small are still unable to intelligently leverage their know-how to generate qualified sales and business opportunities in a fully scalable way.

opportunity pro Solution

The Opportunity Pro qualification tool enables the following:

  • Intelligent capture and usage of business and product knowledge within the the organisation.
  • Fully automate marketing campaigns to deliver the qualified leads that sales desperately need with full RoI tracking.
  • Both direct and sales channel partners to automatically generate qualified leads with full traceability.
  • Each sales person into an instant sales consultant by providing the technology and information needed when and where required.

Indirect Usage

This refers to how the various external users need to adopt and leverage the solution for their particular objectives.  External Personas include Distributors, Resellers and Thought Leaders with example usage scenarios including:

  • Distributor Train Resellers.
  • Distributor Internal Training.
  • Reseller Face-to-Face Customer/Prospect Meetings.
  • Reseller Internal Training.
  • Social Media Channel Leverage.
  • At Specific Events.

How are leading organisations using OpportunityPro to address these requirements?

Most organizations have got critical information laying around in disparate systems and form factors, this is exactly what the competition would wish upon them as the biggest blocker to their performance. The only saving grace is that most companies are struggling with truly making this their unfair advantage.

  • OpportunityPro, through it's Modulator interface enables product and solution specialists and any other subject matter experts to build unique Modules in the platform for optimum knowledge management.
  • These Modules once complete are played in the platform and enable existing and prospective customers to quickly assess their business capabilities through the online interview Wizard. Try it for yourself FREE & Anonymous.
  • Instant dashboards an reports outline any weaknesses and gaps and automatically identify how particular products or services can be used to address them.

Enable customers to buy rather than rely on selling to them

It is far more effective to put customers in the position of knowing what they need to buy from you based on their true needs rather then trying to cold sell to them.

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