What are The Digital Insight Platform Modules?

The Digital Insight Platform is powered by a growing number of Modules that are based on specific business objectives and methodolgies as outlined in our Module Library.

The Modules are used in the DIP platform to quickly:

  • Establish operational capability levels based on the Module content from single or multiple stakeholders.
  • Build consensus and share knowledge to ensure the foundation for adoption and change.
  • Automatically generate and manage recommended actions to fix any issues identified
  • Continuously review progress and identify any course corrections needed

The Modules contain the following high level components:

  • A framework of required capabilities needed to achieve certain business objectives or new strategic approaches
  • Interview statements that plug-and-play into the platforms interview Wizard interface
  • Recommended actions and impact statements mapped to each capability to power the transformation engine in the platform

The Modulator Application

The platform's unique Module building interface, called Modulator is used by subject matter experts to build and publish the modules into public or private Module Libraries.

Want to become a Module builder?

If you are a subject matter expert and want to make license revenue by building Modules then please look at the Module Creators section under the Customers & Partners navigation tab.