About us

We are a fast growing company with big ambitions. The entrepreneurial spirit that founded the company can still be found, even though today we’re a global player in the business hosted applications’ industry.  Our headquarters are just outside London, UK, and we have offices in Asia.  We offer a flexible work environment where our employees get to define their workday and have a great deal of influence over how they use their time. We work hard, set our ambitions high and celebrate our successes together. If you are change-willing, internationally-minded and interested in growing as a professional then please contact us.    

Job vacancies

Lead Developer

We are looking for a strong technical lead to join our remote working team in order to help us further develop a set of hosted applications. The successful candidate will be working with a growing team of software developers and will have the opportunity to help define the technologies, practices and processes that the team uses, in addition to being able to manage their own time and work from home and in our new office in Reading, Berkshire.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone with strong technical skills and in-depth knowledge of how different technologies and architectures can be combined to develop loosely coupled services. There is also the opportunity to play a key role in shaping, growing and leading the UK development team.



  • Experience of designing service oriented architectures such as de-coupled micro services.
  • Strong knowledge of working with C# and the .NET framework.
  • Strong knowledge of working with JavaScript/TypeScript including single page application development such as AngularJS.
  • Writes clean, reusable and testable code in line with the SOLID principles.
  • Experience building restful APIs using ASP.NET Core or similar.
  • Experience of using CQRS, dependency injection and other advanced programming design patterns and techniques.
  • Experience of working with message brokers such as RabbitMQ or Azure Service bus.
  • Able to demonstrate and explain the benefits of all the above to less experienced developers.
  • Uses and understands the benefits of code/peer reviews to help ensure code aligns with all of the above as well as sharing knowledge and good coding practices.
  • Can take ownership of complete pieces of work and can work autonomously.
  • Are used to doing TDD and implementing automated testing.
  • Have worked with a number of different database technologies including both relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Can provide knowledge and skills on newer technologies. Things change rapidly within the technology sector and making the correct technology decision will be vital to success.

We are looking for someone who has the ability to take on increasingly challenging assignments with a ‘can do’ positive attitude who is confident of their own capabilities and is persistent, multi-task oriented and professional with proficient analytical problem-solving skills.

If you think you meet most but not all of the above please get in touch anyway as we appreciate that no one can be an expert at everything and we’re keen on building a diverse team of developers with mixed levels of experience and knowledge.

For more information and detailed description please email your CV and contact information to Jobs@cviewtechnologies.com