The Business Challenge

Subject matter experts need to be able to build their know-how into usable form factors so that it can be truly leveraged for maximum impact.

Modulator Solution

The Modulator knowledge building interface enables the following:

  • Guide experts to formulate their knowledge into a complete and robust framework called a Module.
  • Enable Modules to be esily selected and played in any of the Vision Platform solutions to assess, share knowledge, build consensus and transform performance competencies.
  • Modules can be both private and public through distribution on the Module store.

Types of Experts

The Modulator user community includes the following type of subject matter experts:

  • Consultants and professional advisors.
  • Training and coaching professionals and organisations.
  • Company thought leaders and advisors.
  • Product and/or solution professionals.
  • Think tank organisations.
  • Business disrupters.