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The Vision Platform






Traditional business boundaries are blurring

One of the greatest impacts digital disruption is having on the business world is to redefine competitive and operational boundaries. Complimenters become direct competitors and established players get replaced overnight by newcomers with digitally enabled solution combinations.

End user organisations are quick to respond to this new environment by demanding a trusted one-stop-shop service partner for simplicity, accountability and continuity.

At C View Technologies we create digital applications to drive the convergence and efficiencies of research, advice, training and consulting.

The Vision Platform Application Suite

At C View Technologies we build a set of applications that would in the first phase improve the delivery of certain professional services, as mentioned above and then the force them all to converge in the second phase. We have now successfully completed the first phase and 2020 is all about executing the convergence phase.

Phase I staged deployment of our applications in chronological order was:

Modulator application to store research, knowhow and expertise into a plug-and-play template form factor ready to power each of the following applications.

OpportunityPro application was the first to leverage the Modulator templates to run self-assessments and automate advisory services in the form of recommendations to resolve any issues surfaced. This proved to be an early success with technology vendors who wanted to leverage the internal research and expertise to automate consultancy selling within their direct and sales channel organisations.

ConsultancyPro application was a natural extension to OpportunityPro and extended its functionality to include client management, consensus building, remediation modeling, rolling reviews and benchmarking. This proved an instant hit with Japanese management consultancies and really pushed our quality and localisation processes and capabilities.

WorkshopPro application was the last to come online although we had a major executive training and development orgasnisation using a prerelease version since 2017. Unique functionality includes faculty and course management, impact of learning measurement and benchmarking dashboards and reports with trend analysis.

Designed by our sales channel veterans and developed through close collaboration with our global user base to leverage MDF budgets to rapidly develop markets.

Enable and manage all of your training courses with full impact of learning measurement and ongoing coaching guidance and measurement to ensure positive change.

Rapid business self-assessment and transformation to quickly identify and fix any performance issues and fully leverage evolving opportunities without the need for consultants.

All of the CVT applications above are powered by business knowledge templates that are created using our unique interface called The Modulator