These are the most popular platform modules relating to effective corporate governance.

Corporate Reputation Management

The explosion in usage and availability of social media platforms has brought new complexity and importance for companies to monitor and protect their brand reputations. The impacts of failing to do this effectively are far reaching from the inability to attract and retain talented people, reduced competitive advantage, share price erosion etc. Many companies react to threats to their reputation after they surface, but that approach is crisis management so this Module will assess your organisations key capabilities to proactively manage reputational risks.

board level it governance

Executives need to be aware of their IT governance related responsibilities and quickly surface any possible areas that could represent a weakness or threat to performance and security. This Module has been designed to achieve exactly that objective rapidly and effectively.

corporate reputation management

Covering topics from Personal Growth to Leadership, this Module will help provide insights into you current business culture and start you on the right path to improving on the less than optimum areas.