Campaign Template Creation Service

Our experts live to build Templates for you and follow our proven process outlined below to work with you to build in the fastest time without disruption to your daily focus or the need to learn any software functionality.

Proven 8 Step Process

  1. Share Sales Materials – provide us with any sales
    materials such as presentation files, product sheets
    and information links for us to review and identify the
    template component contents.

  2. Create Draft Template – we will then build the content
    into the template.


  3. Share Test Link – we will provide you with a test link
    that will run the self-assessment wizard and generate the executive report.


  4. Review Test Link – as many people as you like can run the link as many times as they like to review the content and consolidate all feedback.

  5. Provide Feedback – provide the consolidated feedback to us and attend an online call if required to ensure our understanding.

  6. Update Template – we will update the template with any feedback that will update the test link in realtime.

  7. Sign Off Contents – once you are satisfied with the content you will provide us notification of that to close the development cycle.

  8. Go Live – we will then switch your database to live.

    We are waiting to hear from you:

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