ConsultancyPro Partner Program

CVT Channel Partners and Technology Vendors can also license or resell multi-responder ConsultancyPro links to end user organisations or use for themselves. This is a logical and valuable progression for any existing OpportunityPro customer and Partner.

Template Availablity

The first step in using ConsultancyPro is selecting the Template, as outlined on the solution page and the options to accessing a template are:

  • Already have an OpportunityPro Template that can be used as is or upgraded to cover more detail for a deeper dive review than would normally done in OpportunityPro.

  • Choose a Template from the CVT Template library.


  • Commission the building or upgrade of a template by CVT authors, please see the Project Template Building Options at the bottom of the Modulator webpage for more details.

Solution Pricing

The pricing structure is very simple and includes 2 basic elements:

1. Templates

  • If a Template needs upgrading or creating then there is a one time charge of US$3,000.00

  • To use a Template from the CVT store is US$1,000.00

2. Responders

  • 2-5     Responders   $500.00

  • 6-10   Responders   $750.00

  • 11-50 Responders   $1,000.00

  • 51+    Responders   $2,500.00

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