Build Your Project Template

Use the Modulator application and follow our Template self-build guide below to create your own template/s.

Proven 6 Step Process

  1. Nominate Template Build Owner - someone will need
    selecting as the build manager to coordinate the
    process steps below.


  2. List Current Content – before diving into creating new
    content, take an audit of what you already have floating
    around such as presentation files, product sheets and
    information links to review later.


  3. Identify Contributors - identify people from your
    company who will be needed to pitch in and share
    their insights as well as feeding back on the content.


  4. Create Draft Template – build the initial Template framework based on reviewing your current materials and knowledge to generate a test link to share with other contributors.

  5. Share & Agree – share the test link and capture feedback to fine tune the Template framework and contents.

  6. Sign Off Contents – once everyone is satisfied with the content you can publish the initial version.

Modulator Step-by-Step Guide


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