The OpportunityPro application enables user organisations to fully automate and track all market development vectors such as social media channels and direct sales engagements.

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Most common usage scenario

Fully leveraging Market Development Funds (MDF) is business critical for any go-to-market channel where they are made available. However, the vast majority of organisations struggle to fully leverage them in a predictable and demonstrable way that empowers all sales and marketing vectors in a completely scalable and measurable way.


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How OpportunityPro addresses this business issue

In a direct response to the above MDF performance issue we created specific functionality designed by our sales channel veterans and developed through close collaboration with our global user base to leverage MDF budgets to:

  • Automate intelligent purchasing – empower individuals and their organisations to intelligently buy from your organisation through them quickly assessing certain critical business activities to surface issues and recommended actions in the form of your deliverables.

  • Rapidly develop markets – enable vendor and sales organisations to rapidly and predictably develop their target markets by automatically generating qualified leads and opportunities in a fully MDF compliant way.

  • Digitise consultative conversation – ensure a consistent and quality solution approach is maintained by automating the sales and marketing focus onto alignment of product/solution benefits to each customers’ expressed issues.

  • Performance measurement and tracking – the dashboards and reports within the application enable the detailed measurement of each go-to-market vector and MDF initiative. They ensure that no money is wasted and every opportunity is identified and realised.

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