Individuals and organisations of any size and industry can leverage the latest knowhow and best practices in a fraction of the time and cost normally needed to assess and transform their business capabilities.

Whether validating or replacing an existing consultancy engagement or undertaking a new one, this is the smartest approach available today.

The key issues being addressed

Companies need a fast and effective way of accessing the
latest business knowledge and best practice frameworks
to assess and transform their day-to-day operations to
remain competitive and further develop. However, the
amount of knowledge is overwhelming and not always in
a usable form factor that can be easily utilised.

Management consultants are one of the key players that
have traditionally filled this gap but these engagements
are often costly, time consuming, risky and unpredictable as they have not evolved their service delivery to embrace new technologies and approaches and remain focused on body shopping as their core delivery and commercial model.

How ConsultancyPro addresses these issues

In a direct response to the above business challenge, we created a unique hosted application to simplify and automate the assessment and transformation activities so that individuals and companies can quickly identify and fix any issues and fully leverage evolving opportunities. This removes the risks and exposures that comes with engaging third parties but delivers all the benefits of accessing the latest knowhow and thinking.

Three Simple Steps

Step 1 – Select Template

The application is powered by business templates that are bilt around specific challenges and objectives in specific functional areas such as IT, Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Digital Transformation etc. A full list of available templates can be found on our corporate website. You just need to select the Template corresponding to your requirements.

Step 2 – Respond

Each Template generates a specific link that once clicked deploys a unique virtual consultant interface that quickly captures each stakeholders feedback based on a set of interview questions.

Step 3 – View Results

As soon as each person responds, they get an instant dashboard based on their feedback and a consolidated dashboard and report is automatically generated once everyone required to participate has completed that includes:

  • Consolidated capability profile – confirming strengths and detailing any gaps and weaknesses that need addressing and likely impacts.

  • Consensus view – see what level of agreement and understanding exists within the responder groups to broker consensus.

  • Recommended actions – review a clear list of recommended actions specifically generated around your specific situation and results.

  • Rolling review – see how implementation of recommended actions changes the capability profile over time to ensure positive change happens.


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