The traditional Consultancy Business Challenge

Many Management Consultancies have not evolved their operational activities for quite some time and as such are heavily reliant on old technologies such as Excel sheets and body-shopping.

The end user resultant issues include:

  • High risk of engagement - as much as 80% of the costs are paid before any solid results are due to be delivered.
  • Slow time to benefit - due to outdated technologies and service delivery models.
  • Unpredictability - due to inability to effectively demonstrate their approach and how it will reliably deliver results beyond just problem descriptions.
  • Hypocrisy - not practicing what they are preaching.

management consultancy Benefits include:

  • Competitive Advantage - by delivering the items to the left
  • Increased Market Opportunity - use automation to drive into the mid market segments
  • Credibility - by delivering a risk reduced engagement with predictable results in a meaningful timeframe.

How are consultancies using ConsultancyPro?

Capture Knowledge & Expertise into a Usable Form Factor

Management Consultancies often have a wealth of critical information laying around in disparate systems and form factors such as Excel and PowerPoint. Clearly these are not usable formats in this modern digitally enabled world so they do the following:

  • ConsultancyPro, through it's Modulator interface enables lead consultants to build unique Modules in the platform for optimum knowledge management.
  • These Modules once complete are played in the platform and enable the rapid and fully scalable delivery of the key assessment, gap analysis, suggestions and recommended action stages. This can be compressed down from months to literally a day.
  • The junior consultants that are often fielded to clients to buoy up margins can use the content to improve their expertise and quality of delivery overnight.

end client Benefits:

  • More signification results - due to assessment scalability and therefore inclusion of all stakeholders rather than a preselected few.
  • >90% cost & time reduction - with superior business intelligence and predictability.
  • Business disruption eliminated - due to effective automation of delivery.
  • Optimum change management - through advanced consensus building and knowledge sharing interface.

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