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Join the growing community of Vision Platform Authors who are digitally disrupting the way business knowledge is created, shared and utilised.

The Key Change Drivers

Business Knowledge Consumption - it is not easy to access and utilise knowledge to effect immediate and measurable change due to its conventional static form factor such a physical or electronic books and documents.

Business Knowledge Creation - the fast paced digitally charged environment that we exist in demands realtime updates, crowd source inputs and fast utilisation rather than long and drawn out version updates with limited content leverage possibilities.

Join our Digital Revolution

Our Vision Platform is used by leading global organisations and thought leaders to capture knowledge in a plug-and-play form factor that can be used to:

  • Automate qualified lead generation and consultative selling.

  • Deliver training with measurable impact and post-learning implementation and adoption.

  • Power assessment and transformation projects that are fully scalable and fast. 

We are always looking out for subject matter experts to join our next generation Author community to build plug-and-play templates so they can:

  • Generate revenues from enabling their own service delivery such as consultants and trainers.

  • Earn licensing revenues when our Vision Platform customers use their content.

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