C-View Technologies Limited (CVT) was incorporation in early 2010 and develops technologies that revolutionise the way business knowledge is captured, shared and deployed using the latest cloud and AI technologies to automate performance capability profiling and transformation. 

Our Story

CVT is the brainchild of two industry experts, Gregory J Smith and Sandrijn Stead. Well-versed in business theory from time spent at Harvard and MIT and experienced in designing and executing growth strategies for global, blue-chip companies, they have an enviable skill-set. Greg and Sandrijn had long realised that the key to enduring business growth was to outperform the competition operationally. They were disillusioned with the usual sources of support; battling with software that didn’t quite go far enough. In contrast, by applying and refining a logical methodology, they found that they achieved outstanding results.
Their light bulb moment occurred when they realised the potential of P2P (Pier-to-Pier) collaboration in a true cloud environment to drive both the assessment of operational performance from multiple stakeholders and automating transformation through delivery of Consultancy-as-a-Service using predictive algorithms and competency frameworks.

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