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Traditional business boundaries are blurring

One of the greatest impacts digital disruption is having on the business world is to redefine competitive and operational boundaries. Complementors become direct competitors and established players get replaced overnight by newcomers with digitally enabled solution combinations.

End user organisations are quick to respond to this new environment by demanding a trusted one-stop-shop service partner for simplicity, accountability and continuity.

At C View Technologies we created a digital platform to leverage this convergence of research, advice, training and consulting.

The CapametricPlatform Platform

The business flows within our platform improve the delivery of various professional services as well as leveraging their convergence.

KnowledgePro - capture existing knowledge and know-how in any format and bottle it up into plug-and-play templates that become a knowledge management repository that feeds any of the application workflows below:

OpportunityPro - empower each sales and marketing channel to enable potential customers and market segments to self validate and communicate the requirements in a fully automated and measurable way.

TransformPro - capability based assessments and transformation road-mapping that leverage core knowledge and validated through rolling reviews ensuring continuous improvements.

WorkshopPro - faculty content and program creation and delivery management, impact of learning measurement and benchmarking dashboards and reports with trend analysis.

All of the CVT applications above are powered by business knowledge templates that are created using our unique interface called KnowledgePro

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