The Vision Platform from C View Technologies revolutionises the way business knowledge is captured, leveraged and deployed by using the latest cloud and AI technologies to automate performance capability profiling in real time.

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opportunity Pro

Enable sales and marketing teams to generate qualified leads in a highly scalable and predictable way.

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workshop Pro

Track and measure the impact your training has made on a course and individual basis.

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consultancy Pro

Enables management consultants to digitally support their clients in a faster more scalable way.

Business Transformation

Three steps to business transformation with The Vision Platform.

  • Select the Module that corresponds to your business objectives from C View Technolgies extensive online Module Library.
  • Single or multiple stakeholders respond to an automated online interview.
  • View your results instantly using our personalised dashboards and report and see what you are doing well and where you could do better.

Recieve your automated Executive Report in minutes.

Easy to understand and packed full of insights your report outlines any capability gaps and weaknesses together with specific recommended actions tailored to your results.  All this and more in just a short space of time.


Instantly see a performance graph of your capabilities that are also benchmarked to the response averages within our global database.

These are fully explained within your accompanying Executive Report.


Compare and contrast multiple responses to share knowledge from within the platform and capture a consensus view.

Feeling of inclusion

Gain maximum support for change programs by including and socialising every stakeholder, individual and group.

Ongoing review

Easily perform periodic checks to ensure positive change and organisational learning is happening.


Fine-tune the automatically generated actions based on your results to suite your business strategy and budgeting program.

The Vision Platform aims to help you answer these five vital questions to support your business’ growth, productivity and performance.

  • What needs to be done?
  • When does it need doing?
  • What is its criticality?
  • How long will it take to get the benefit?
  • What is the ROI?