What are cookies?

Standard cookies are small text files that can be added to your computer by websites to identify your computer when you access certain services with the aim of improving a user's experience and making their activity more efficient.


What does C View Technologies use?

This site uses low-level, temporary (session level) cookies for particular user sessions. These files will be automatically removed from a visitor’s computer when they end the session and close their browser.

You can configure your computer to refuse cookies from this, or any other website. There are no areas of our site require the acceptance of cookies to operate.


What is a Persistent Cookie?

A persistent cookie file is stored on the user's computer and is not deleted when the browser is closed. These cookies can retain user preferences for a particular web area, allowing those preferences to be used for future browsing sessions – for example storing information required to speed or pre-fill certain form fields, thereby providing a more efficient, user-friendly and 'tailored' experience for such visitors.


Does C View Technologies use Persistent Cookies?

Not at this time. And, our policy is that, should we need to use these cookies in the future, they will not be enabled unless you specifically agree to allowing them. You would also be notified that a particular area/page requires it prior to entering that area/page. Your use of other areas, which do not rely on this type of functionality, would not be affected.


Other websites

Please note that other websites linked to or from this site might make use of their own cookies. C View Technologies encourages visitors to ascertain the privacy practices of the website they access.

More information about cookies, including how to block and/or delete them, via a range of common browsers, can be found at www.Aboutcookies.org